DevOps Engineer

Zagreb, Croatia

We are an innovative and flexible company with people passionate about software craftsmanship, technology, and making an impact.

We’re growing rapidly and are seeking enthusiastic, creative, intelligent, and fun individuals to join us in various roles. In return, we can offer you a fun and productive environment where you can instantly see your contribution to the company’s success.

Meanwhile, we’ll make sure that you have everything needed to achieve your personal goals.

We are looking for smart and self-motivated DevOps engineers to join our growing development team. Being passionate about working together with the development team and playing an integral part in delivering our solutions is essential for this role.

About You 

You care about software systems; you have a passion for what you do, which you can clearly convey by your actions rather than just waffly personal statements on your CV.

Repetitive tasks are something you see as a waste and will try to automate as soon as they’re recognized.

For you it’s not just a job, it’s also an opportunity to keep improving your hard and soft skills.

Among other things, we’re strong advocates of writing efficient CI/CD pipelines. We think it represents such a particular mindset that we’d only consider you for a senior position if you have working experience whit it. If you are applying for a junior/mid position you can expect to be highly encouraged and coached to do so!

If you have working experience with designing and optimizing scalable systems, great! We want to know more. What kind of systems and how did you do it? Did you have performance issues on recent projects? What problems have you faced? How did you solve them? The more, the better.

The Role 

Our teams strive to be cross-functional, self-organizing, and highly autonomous.

We believe that generating, sharing, and implementing our ideas together as a team is a privilege and advantage that we have. This approach requires a huge amount of teamwork and maturity and is not right for everyone, but we believe it’s the best way to create great software.

You will be working together with our teams in setting up automation strategy and the CI/CD roadmap, making an impact on the overall quality of the products.

As a DevOps engineer, you will be able to utilize various open source technologies and tools to orchestrate solutions, automatize and help in designing and implementing infrastructure as a code. You will help us with system configurations and performance tuning, scripting, automation, monitoring, troubleshooting and network support.

Among other things, Pair Programming, TDD/BDD, Refactoring, and Continuous Delivery are deeply embedded within us and we’re constantly striving to improve the way we work.

We know typing is not the bottleneck, so among other things we are experimenting with ideas like:

  • Daily/weekly sessions doing things like Katas and discussing practices and technologies
  • Workshops like to help us solve complex problems
  • Just going out for drinks and talking with each other
  • Whatever new idea you can bring with you

Technologies we use:

  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • K8S and Helm
  • Prometheus and Grafana
  • Relational databases (we prefer PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL databases (mostly Redis and MongoDB)
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kafka/RabbitMQ
  • Linux Environment
  • Any other technology which comes with you :)

What we offer:

  • Working in a dynamic, fun and supporting environment
  • Flexible working environment
  • Competitive income that corresponds to your knowledge and experience
  • Opportunities for education, training, certification, and general advancement in your field
  • Mentoring/coaching support
  • Top equipment of your choice
  • Sport activities (training with an individual coach, group training, gym, football, tennis, etc.)
  • Paid kindergarten
  • Third pension pillar
  • Relax with lots of coffee, sweets, fruits, snacks and a PlayStation
  • Customized additional benefits which we can share with you after we meet you :)

If you’re excited about what we say but don’t meet 100% of the above qualifications, let us know anyway, we would love to meet you! :-)

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DevOps Engineer

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